Design & Solutions

As a young and innovative company, we deliver high-quality websites fast. We want you involved throughout the design process to craft the website exactly how you envision it. We usually develop websites for small-to-medium sized companies, but we are open to working with anyone who needs a website. We build our websites with a custom framework, which allows us to develop a website that is exactly what our clients envisioned. We also implement the latest standards, such as HTML5 and responsiveness so that visitors will enjoy your site on their mobiles, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Our responsive designs are pixel-perfect, so you can expect your clients to remember your brand after visiting the new website.

Not only is a responsive website a must in today’s world where the majority of people browse the internet with their mobile phone, but it’s also important to rank on Google, among other search engines. Google recently announced they will give responsive websites a higher ranking in their search results.

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Secure by design

Nowadays ordinary websites are constantly being attacked by hackers. Not paying attention to these threats is not an option. Your effort and energy to keep your business up and running successfully can be destroyed in a second if precautions are not taken to protect your new website.

This is why we adopted ‘security by design’ and conduct security testing throughout the development of your website. One of the guidelines we use is the OWASP methodology. Security is important, not only during design but also when the site is up-and-running. We’ll keep track of developments and apply security patches when your website is exposed to a new threat and a remedy is available. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that no harm will come to your website. But there is a solution. We offer backup and recovery services to ensure that your business is restored as quickly as possible (see services).

Adaptive pages

Your customers will use all types of devices to visit your company’s new website. It is important that your online business is visible on these commonly used devices, browsers, and screen-sizes. Google also ranks your website on its search engine depending on how responsive your website is.

This is why we pay full attention to how your website performs under these different circumstances.
During the design stage, we’ll do extensive testing to ensure your website is responsive and user-friendly as required for your target audience.