Coen Hallie

CH is a small and dynamic company founded by Coen Hallie in 2013. Coen graduated with a Bachelor’s in Commerce with a specialization in Online Affiliate Marketing.

As a young entrepreneur, Coen has worked for over a decade designing and building websites for different private customers and businesses. Over the years, Coen crafted his unique style based on simplicity and functionality. Coen’s clients appreciate his straightforward approach, and so do his clients’ customers. To design truly simple sites that are both personable and professional requires years of experience.

CH recognizes that many website owners forget to maintain and renew their sites. This can turn into a problem and can quickly jeopardize their websites’ future success if action is not taken quickly. Understanding that website owners are busy, CH always designs its websites to last by implementing its unique sustainable online strategy.

Today, Coen uses his experience to support other business owners getting online. The small businesses of today often need support to keep their websites top-notch to stay competitive in the long-term. By using the latest web development tools, CH integrates only the best technology available into your website.

CH websites emphasize:

• High Visibility and Customer Satisfaction
• Simplicity
• Best Value for the Best Price
• Fast Delivery
• Ongoing Maintenance
• Secure Design
• No Client-Vendor Lock-In Policy